as described by a current student

Tom opens his home and beautiful yoga room in Midtown Tulsa to scheduled private classes. Most days you are greeted by the smell of rice and incense, a combination which you will never forget. Every day you are greeted by Uta’s wagging tail.

Tom is an open book and getting to peek inside the lifestyle that he has created is as much of a class as the practice itself. From learning jala neti to selecting a suribachi for your kitchen, the teachings and knowledge go much beyond breathing and poses.

When it comes to the practice itself you will not find a more humble and empathetic teacher. I learned quickly that there is no such thing as “your level” of yoga practice. Tom helps you understand that you were already enough before you walked into his front door.

In a world full of desire and distraction, Tom designs his private classes to make it easy for you to be present and let go of these things. Then the teaching begins.




Private classes by appointment, $60 per hour.